Connecting you to your pet and your pet to your vet

Felcana partnered with the Precipice Design team to create a product and experience that worked for both pets and their owners.

Combining Dr. James Andrew’s veterinary knowledge, with a meaning-centred design approach to unlock what owners actually want, and what pets need.

Together Precipice and Felcana have created a compelling owner-pet experience and designed three devices combining technical and ergonomic functionality with sophisticated aesthetics.

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A product experience solution that provides realtime diagnostics for vets and life-long insights for owners

​What does my dog get up to when I am not around?

The Felcana ecosystem

1. Helix, a smart connected device that comes with it’s own bespoke collar and can also attach to any existing cat or dog collar

2. Micro-location beacons, which detect where your pet is at all times

3. Home hub, Helix’s charging station, range extender, and your pet’s data nest

​Pet-activity monitors don’t have to look like toys. They don’t have to be hefty and gimmicky. The human wearables market has got this right, designing stylish devices that fit seamlessly into everyday life.

We thought, why can’t pet devices be the same? Our vision – sophisticated design teamed with cutting-edge tech.

Dr. James Andrews, Head of Felcana and veterinary surgeon

​Using our meaning-centred design methods we identified and blended two rich areas of cultural meaning -‘connected wellness’ and ‘shared understanding’. This blend allows owners to feel even closer to their pets whilst communicating the trust and reassurance of a connected healthcare solution.

​Ultimately this has resulted in a premium-yet-caring aesthetic, blending high-tech forms and finishes with more tactile finishes such as leatherwork. Obviously size mattered; it had to be small, lightweight, unobtrusive and no wider than the smallest cat collar. For owners the Helix device stands out for its pure simplicity, elegance and desirability.

Miles Hawley, Chief Design Officer, Precipice Design

Felcana will make a huge difference to owner, vet and – most importantly – pet.

This is the future of modern pet care and veterinary technology.

Dr Jennifer Irving