Asthma Detection and Management System

The reinterpretation of the Gold Standard FeNo testing device features an adapted UI, larger screen, reconsidered ergonomics and contemporary industrial design offering additional options to asthma patients and clinicians.

As a pioneering device in its field of respiratory medicine, the current NIOX VERO®model is widely valued by medical professionals as the gold standard in FeNo testing. Our task was to further enhance the clinical and patient experience, by providing enhanced product and UI features.

Miles Hawley, CEO

Circassia challenged Precipice Design to further develop the established and class leading NIOX VERO® with the aim of offering additional choices to patients and clinicians who are seeking enhancements to the current device which will build on already superior patient usability and clinician efficiency.

During research conducted by our team across Europe, the US and China we iteratively stress-tested all physical and digital aspects of the new NIOX VERO®Plus design, enhancing the original device and reimagining the UI. Its virtually wordless design and new ‘dashboard’ led visual aesthetic has been developed to be used across Circassia’s key global markets.

Miles Hawley, CEO


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