Cetaphil global rebrand

Our brief was to develop a new ‘evolutionary’ global brand identity for Cetaphil. One which consumers would instantly recognise, but that would be considered more contemporary, premium and efficacious.

Cetaphil, Nestlé Skin Health’s most commercially successful brand, is a therapeutic skin care line recommended by dermatologists for dry, sensitive or disease compromised skin.

Nestlé Skin Health specialises in innovative medical solutions to meet dermatological needs of consumers and healthcare professionals, holding an extensive portfolio of OTC and prescription brands, which are available in over 100 countries worldwide.

Harmonise and consolidate

Over time consumers had become confused by the existing range and information hierarchy, so Nestlé Skin Health were also looking to harmonise and consolidate the enormous range of SKUs, using the new design philosophy to ensure range navigation was significantly simpler in both retail and online shopping scenarios.

New global brand identity

Our solution evolves the previous colour palette and iconic overlapping ellipses, into to dimensionally controlled pools of translucent, overlapping, vibrant and dynamic forms.

A vertically compressed format allows significantly more room for primary and secondary information on pack, whist chrome elements generate dynamism and create a more premium aesthetic.

The new word marque has been handcrafted and is visually lighter and more space-efficient, whilst clearly derived from its iconic predecessor.

A large-scale project at Nestlé Skin Health required a multi-faceted design agency that would be able to assist in a number of design processes, and research. To any company out there looking for a design agency. You should really consider Precipice as your first choice.

Peter McGill, Global Brand Manager, Cetaphil