Precipice has spent many years designing solutions within the diabetes space. From injection pens to blood glucose meter UI’s, paper management tools and patient training videos; there are very few touchpoints we have not addressed.

Our latest work is now live on Sanofi’s new dedicated MyStar diabetes website, where you’ll find patient and clinician training videos for the new MyStar DoseCoach®, a dose helper with an integrated blood glucose meter which assists in the self-adjustment of insulin glargine doses according to clinician’s instructions.

Our brief was seemingly simple, how do we help people understand and use MyStar DoseCoach®, especially since it takes a few days of careful measuring blood glucose and recording your insulin doses before the device has enough data to help with self-adjustment.

We live in a world where most people don’t read instructions, even cleverly designed quick start guides that come with our favourite consumer electronics are often bypassed. So how do we get patients to engage with healthcare instructions, given the perception that they are overly confusing and complex to most users. Through a process of iterative co-design with clinicians, patients and the Sanofi team, we quickly discovered that a variety mediums, with varying tones were required in order to get people to even look at the instructions, let alone understand and act upon them.

Our brief was seemingly simple, how do we help people understand and use MyStar DoseCoach®?

It’s often said that you should never judge a book by its cover. But humans do, and this was the first behaviour we intercepted. We had to very quickly communicate, ‘Hey, you are looking at something different, something that is going to be easy to understand and something that is really going to help’. We also had to make sure that the content could flex across different channels and contexts, from clinical situations to open online searches.

The solution was to create a variety of paper-based and video training tools that worked for both patients and clinicians. We created two styles of video content, the first, a set of step-by- step videos. Pushing against the more expected clinical, pharmaceutical-style videos we opted for a more approachable tone using clear, simple language, actual devices (not CGI), real environments and a more ‘human’, less corporate voice over. Our guiding principle was to imagine a good friend simply explaining how to use MyStar DoseCoach®.

The second, employed a more unexpected stop-frame approach. This quirky narrative style took seemingly functional information and presented it to users in a far more experiential, immersive way.

You can see the videos online by following the links below.

MyStar DoseCoach® Patient videos:

MyStar DoseCoach® Clinician videos: