We helped Bang & Olufsen reimagine what its products could mean in a future guaranteed to be very different from the past. Our deep knowledge of neuro- and emotion science helped make the resulting vision real through multisensory experiences.

Resonant relevance

By taking advantage of a social shift to create a new product expression, we leapfrogged from a receding meaning of sound to an emergent meaning of sound.

Starting at the cultural level led to a nuanced, and richer thread of investigation, that created a strategy for design and sound that was relevant for new generations of consumers.

We didn’t design a speaker for Bang & Olufsen. But we designed a meaning they could create and own from their own actions in aluminium and fabric, cable and glass.

Working with Precipice was an adventure, and the result was like poetry. I find myself using their work and insights again and again, in all manner of situations. Each time learning more, each time getting a little bit smarter, being inspired of new ways to deliver deep meaning through our offerings. It just keeps on giving. Pitching meaning-centered design and Precipice to our CEO was the smartest career move I’ve made to date.

Lyle Clarke

Concept Manager, Bang & Olufsen

Sound insights

Our work has enabled and informed a continuous cycle of product development with new meanings at it heart.