After working with Sanofi to successfully reimagine what blood glucose management apps might look like in the future, the team soon realised that it’s not all about digital. So how do we unlock all our learnings from building diabetes apps and realise them in print?​

We used a fast-paced, agile co-design process to iteratively shape and develop training tools. With a combined total of 30 hours spent with doctors, nurses and diabetics plus 12 hours of client workshops, we generated over 90 meaningful ideas, each answering an individual unmet need.​

But we didn’t just create an app for the ‘young’ and paper tools for the ‘old’. We created a suite of meaningful tools for everybody allowing end users themselves to define how, and to what level, they engage.​

​We continue to partner with Sanofi helping them create meaningful training tools for their insulin pen and blood glucose meter portfolio, using an carefully curated blend of paper, film and animation to deploy them.

Precipice was a great partner to work with. Strong competence. Outstanding flexibility. And they always have a profound solution for upcoming challenges.

Alexander Rupp​

Global Diabetes Division - Sanof​i