Whilst the consumer market for vitamin tablets and nutritional supplements is relatively mature in the UK, in other parts of the world awareness of such products is still developing. Supplement manufacturer and distributor Innovate Life Sciences turned to Precipice to help it tailor a new brand - Aravit - for the West African market.

Precipice understood that appreciating the dynamics of the target market would be crucial to a new brand’s chances of success. Following research into consumer attitudes in Nigeria and leveraging our meaning centred design methodologies, Precipice developed a product and brand offer built on a detailed understand of local cultural drivers.

By building an insights-driven framework based on deep-seated cultural perceptions and other landscape factors, we can provide our clients with a set of design parameters. If and when variables evolve over time, our framework is flexible to ensure consistent delivery of a design solution which shapes, disrupts and guides perceptions.

Miles Hawley, Chief Design Officer

The nutritional supplement brand balances European-style branding, which Precipice discovered carries prestige and trustworthiness in markets such as Nigeria, with the bright colours and bold, layered and impactful shapes that will help the new brand to stand out and clearly communicate the product’s purpose.

Featured in New Design Magazine.