At a recent FashTech event there was much said about the fusion of fashion and wearable technology. For me though, the most intriguing question was raised by our CEO when she asked ‘what will robots wear in the future?’. As designers, being trend-aware is one thing, but being a future-shaper is another thing all together.

The issue was underlined by another contributor. Felcana makes wearable devices for pets, but pets don’t speak ’human’; yet they certainly do communicate. Their actions and behaviours all say something, sometimes explicitly sometimes not so much. The Felcana wearable devices are there to help us ‘make sense’ of the world of the pet. By gaining a better understanding of their worlds, a new type of relationship is formed complete that doesn’t rely on just the spoken word.

Sensory tech is moving quickly, if we continue to think in only a human-centric way I feel we will miss the opportunities presented by the signs, signals and nuances that are all around us.